Developers Don’t Solve Big Problems


To wrap up this thread, I’ll share what have been the most useful bits of guidance when it comes to simplifying complex problems into elegant code:

  • Long chunks of code are usually a red flag: each operation should be accomplishable in a handful of lines within an aptly named function or subroutine.
  • Improve your “vocabulary” of available functions, especially map and reduce functions! So much of data manipulation boils down to those, and if you don’t know what functions are available and the corresponding “grammar” of how to use them, then you no talk so good!
  • Be consistent in your approach. So many errors I witnessed in the OO world came from code that would sometimes rely on inheritance or OO classes, and sometimes rely on functional approaches. Where there is confusion, there are bugs!
  • Read source code. Stand on the shoulders of giants: watch how others have solved problems
  • Pay close attention to how specific problems are solved in different use cases. You may find similar strategies in vastly different verticals like eCommerce and lead-gen.



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