Coding is Easy; Communication is Hard


In a culture oversaturated by information where we are trying to take sips out of a firehose, I will attempt to summarize some words of wisdom born out of my observations and a stupid joke.

  1. Every Git commit is an opportunity to communicate your intention. What is the one thing this change does? If you can’t describe it in a single sentence, maybe you need to practice writing your words more, but maybe that commit is doing too much. We don’t want stupid commits that free associate fish and grapefruits.
  2. Names matter. They communicate what something is and does. Choosing a descriptive function or variable name does more for code readability than any comments. Is it a fish or a grapefruit?
  3. File structure matters. The structure communicates expectations. Are you choosing sensible directory- and file-names that accurately describe their purpose and contents? Does this directory contain fish or grapefruits?



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