Mushrooms and Software Development

Autumn’s last gasp: Honey mushrooms, withered beyond edibility
Oyster mushrooms fruiting out of a dead tree. Good, but kind of slimy (if you can reach them)
What do spiders have in common with mushrooms other than generating specific phobias and harboring specific toxins?
Amanitas in the graveyard: they will kill you

So… How is studying mushrooms like software development?

You must pay close attention to details. When teaching coding bootcamps, I would often tell my students that one of the things that a developer gets good at is “spotting the differences.” So you could “practice” software development by eyeballing one of those cartoon sketches and seeing that the chicken on one side has an extra toe or that one sandcastle is missing a window. When it comes to examining mushrooms, does the stalk have a ring around it? Does it have gills or pores? Is the cap centered on the stalk? What color is the spore print? How do the gills attach to the stem? This isn’t altogether different from hunting for semi-colons or closing braces.

A Stinkhorn (Phallus ravenelii): emblematic of code smells and dicks



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