• Andrew Barr

    Andrew Barr

  • Leonard P Matthews

    Leonard P Matthews

    Progressive political wonk, always engineer, sometimes scientist.

  • Lia Cavalcante Griffiths

    Lia Cavalcante Griffiths

    Life long learner and jurist. Late bloomer product manager and entrepreneur. Traveler. Mother.

  • Michael R. Mazzuki

    Michael R. Mazzuki

  • Mike Schell

    Mike Schell

    Developer at MODX. Maker of extraordinarily rare music. Father of three.

  • Swarm Commerce

    Swarm Commerce

    Autonomous Enterprise e-commerce https://swarmcommerce.io

  • nicole stjean

    nicole stjean

    content & partnerships @thewavevr. formerly 8i, twitter & topspin. music & mountain runs, that's all I need. oh and this paddle game & the remote control…

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